Earlier this year I photographed Joelle and Andrew’s 10-year vow renewal at the beautiful Haiku Mill. Andrew and Joelle were actually one of the very first couples to get married here. There are so many things I can say about their love story, but Joelle puts it so beautifully that I’d rather you hear it from her.

From Joelle:

“We went back to the place it all began when we were crazy and in love and wild enough to get married at 19 and we recommitted our love to each other with our son (and daughter) as our only witnesses.

This time the love we recommitted was a very different love than before. It’s one that has been tested and tried, been hurt and bandaged, has failed and been non-existent at times but by God’s grace it’s been restored, daily chosen and somehow wound up here 10 years later more beautiful because of it.

I was a wedding gown designer for 7 years and always dreamt of what I would wear if we ever did a 10-year renewal. Of course, the brushed silk bias cut, high waisted wide-leg, flowy pants, and matted silk low back, cowl neck, tucked-in camisole goes out the window when you’re 37 weeks pregnant. I made this dress instead and it was a comfy dream. Also, the baby pink mules were a nod to my wedding dress I made 10 years ago that was pink and all our guest came dressed in white.

Huge thank you to the Haiku Mill for how you’ve supported and loved us and allowed us back to the worlds most beautiful wedding venue. Jessica Waite for the legacy builder you are and doing my hair and make-up 10-years ago as well as this time. Sunlit Films for giving us our original wedding photos and being there to capture our vow renewal on film. And Matias for these amazingly gorgeous new images we’ll be showing in ten more years. We love you all.”