Kristina and Chad had an incredible wedding here on Maui at the Haiku Mill. On this October day they started out a little nervous because of the weather.

The one thing I have told them and many other couples who get married here is that no matter what the weather is doing, Haiku Mill always provides incredible backdrops for gorgeous photos.

Rain came and went, we still managed to create some Fuego images with these two! We had a ton of fun beginning to end.


When picking a wedding consider this, YOU have to know that there is a backup plan in case of weather changes. Make sure that you, your photographer and your coordinator are all aware of the plan and be ready to rock! If you picked the right photographer, this should be no problem at all! No matter what! a true professional can create beautiful images even in the worst of conditions. That is what separated the seasoned vendors from the new to industry ones.


I will never be bored of capturing weddings on this location. It has endless options to explore, every month of the year springs a new flower and new light. It is my all time favorite wedding venue. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have!