I LOVE water sessions! Photographing couples in the water around Maui is AMAZING. In my opinion, it’s the PERFECT way to get unique photos that represent your time in Hawaii the most accurately.

As amazing as water sessions are, they are NOT your typical portrait session. Adding the water element makes things a little more interesting and little less predictable. You want to make sure you are prepared and but also willing to go with the flow.

My top priority during a water session is your safety and comfort. Many times my clients don’t have much experience in the ocean and may feel intimidated at the thought of not only getting photos taken but being in the water. For this reason, I offer two types of water sessions. The first is in waist deep water only. This is perfect for couples who don’t want to be fully submerged AT ALL during their session and may not feel comfortable being underwater for an extended time or are not strong swimmers. These sessions are fun because the result is romantic, intimate portraits with the movement of the water surrounding the couple.

The second water session I offer is a fully submerged portrait session. And no, I don’t mean you have to be fully submerged the whole session! Ha! This session is much more involved, takes more planning, time, and strength. It is not for the faint of heart or weak swimmer. I have very strict requirements for who can book a fully submerged session because of the physical endurance it takes. It is a lot of work for the swimmers to dive down 10 – 15 feet multiple times while posing and swimming towards each other. The pictures are absolutely EPIC though and not many people have them. This is a big selling point for this session. It definitely takes an adventurous spirit.

Being prepared is the best way to have a fun, enjoyable session.


  1. Wear something that makes you feel like a rockstar. If you feel comfortable and confident it will show in the photos. You may choose to be fully clothed for the in-water portion of your shoot, perhaps wearing your wedding clothes, but you could also go for bathing suits! Being fully clothed in water will have that romance novel cover feel for sure. However, you can still get amazingly romantic photos if you are in your bathing suits. Ultimately, it is up to you on what you wear.
  2. Talk to your partner about your expectations. It is key for the couple to be on the same page as to what each other wants to accomplish with this session. This will help you both enjoy the session from beginning to end.
  3. If there are any MUST HAVE shots, communicate them with me (the photographer). Yes, you have hired us because you like our work, but everyone has photos that they have always dreamed of having with their partner. Make sure you tell us what it is that you would LOVE to have, whether you describe it or send us a photo you found on Pinterest or Instagram.
  4. You can still get professional hair and makeup done. A lot of clients have asked me if it’s worth getting professional hair and makeup done for their waist deep water session, my answer is always YES. We will shoot two-thirds of the session while keeping your hair and face dry. I typically wait until the very end of the shoot to get you both fully soaked. Once you are head to toes wet, there is not going back, this is why I wait until the end!
  5. Make sure you were colors that will complement your partner’s outfit while still popping from the surrounding elements. Darker shades are always good, try to avoid blues or greens. The safe bets are white or black. Don’t be afraid to ask me (your photographer) which option is best after showing me your choices via email or text.
  6. Focus on being present and in the moment. If you want to break out into a spontaneous water fight, DO IT. Being present and in the moment will give me a chance to capture you two in your natural way of interacting. Have fun and flirt with each other, A LOT.
  7. Don’t forget to bring large towels and a dry change of clothes. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened. The dry change of clothes is self-explanatory after shooting in the water. It has happened SO many times that we wrapped a water shoot and clients forget clothes and towels. I ALWAYS bring back up towels but after that, you don’t want to find yourself driving home in wet clothes! The LARGE towels will come in handy when you need to change in or out of your outfit. Most places out here will not have a facility for you to change in so having a large towel can double as a changing room.
  8. Bring snacks and water. After all of those super fiery hot make-out sessions in the water, trust me, you WILL be hungry and thirsty!