Fuego Magic with Tonie Christine FMP.012 Okay everyone, I had been waiting a long time to get Tonie Christine on the podcast and I am glad I did. Tonie is an incredible photographer, she is SUPER talented in every aspect of a photography bus... March 14, 2019 / Editorial Fuego Magic with David Parias FMP.011 Maui Photographer March 1, 2019 / Editorial Fuego Magic with Luke Simon FMP.010 For this amazing episode, I sat down with Luke Simon, an incredible Australian photographer. Luke was here in Maui, Hawaii to photograph a wedding and was kind enough to sit down with me and chat abo... February 18, 2019 / Editorial Fuego Magic with Kristy Taylor FMP.009 In this episode of Fuego Magic, I sat down with Kristy Taylor, an all-around BOSS woman. She is living her childhood dreams and produces amazing work. She told us about her journey with photograp... February 3, 2019 / Editorial Fuego Magic with Jana Dillon FMP.008 I sat down with the amazing film photographer Jana Dillon and talked about LOTS of awesome things. She is a pro at capturing real and deeply emotional photos. We discussed everything from how to ... January 15, 2019 / Editorial Fuego Magic with Stephanie Betsill Co-Hosting! FMP.007 This is a special episode where I sat down with Stephanie Betsill to discuss how to make your clients feel comfortable through their entire experience with you. This way you can get the best photos p... December 31, 2018 / Photography Fuego Magic with Cadence FMP.006 Cadence is a super rad photographer from Maui, Hawaii who owns Cadencia Photography. She has a unique style and an incredible eye for capturing raw & unfiltered emotion. We talked ab... December 11, 2018 / Editorial Fuego Magic with Angela Nelson FMP.005 Today's episode features #bossbabe super artsy Maui, Hawaii photographer Angela Nelson! She LOVES off camera lighting. We talked about lots of things today. She told us how she went from her care... December 1, 2018 / Editorial Fuego Magic with Chris J. Evans FMP.004 In this episode, we get to know Chris J Evans, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Maui, Hawaii who loves elegant images captured in the most natural way possible. He is really good at using ... November 15, 2018 / Editorial Fuego Magic with Angie Diaz FMP.003 This episode explores the mind of super artsy photographer Angie Diaz. She is incredibly creative and not afraid to develop her own trends. We discuss lots of topics such as: getting to your shoo... November 8, 2018 / Photography