Fuego Magic with Tonie Christine FMP.012

March 14, 2019 / Editorial

Okay everyone, I had been waiting a long time to get Tonie Christine on the podcast and I am glad I did. Tonie is an incredible photographer, she is SUPER talented in every aspect of a photography business. Tonie has an extensive business and marketing background. She shared with me lots of amazing tips to market yourself and more importantly stand out amongst a plethora of other talented artists. These tips will help you whether you are a destination wedding photographer in Maui or a wedding photographer anywhere else in the world. It was SO much fun to finally sit and pick her brain about all of these awesome things I had seen her do while following her on insta.

Her journey to getting where she is now is super relatable and I believe will help many. We talked about every stage of her business, how to value clients, how to market by directly reaching the people you want to be working with, talked about resources, business tools, editing software, gear, cameras, lenses, connecting with couples, setting boundaries, how to walk the blurry line of clients / friend, an much much more. She is an all-around amazing human being who lives to help others. Her approach to business really reflects that. If I were you I would head over to her website and check out her blaze workshop which will give you tons of tools and tips to grow your business.

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Business Mentoring – (Blaze)


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Fuego Magic with David Parias FMP.011

March 1, 2019 / Editorial

In this episode of the Fuego Magic podcast, I sit down with David Parias a Maui photographer who specializes in underwater portraiture. This guy is a savage, he has been capturing beautiful images in Maui for years, we shared some good stories and laughs about his journey to where he is at today. For him it all began in Colombia where he grew up, he began with film photography and slowly evolved into the digital era. It was cool to sit down with someone who understands the trials that come with shooting photos in the water. We spoke about the unpredictability of shooting in ever-changing environments such as the Pacific ocean. How light is affected by the water, and what is it like to capture photos of wildlife while out in the vastness of the Pacific. It was an interesting conversation

If you want to get into water photography in Maui or anywhere else this is the place for you to gain some great knowledge. We talked about techniques, gear needed, conditions, interactions with clients, planning, mistakes, disasters, victories, editing and lots of other insightful things. I am telling you, This is an awesome episode. I LOVE water photography and it was one of the things that brought me out here to Hawaii to begin with.

I want to encourage all of you out there listening to this, if there are any topics that you would like for me to touch on in future episodes, please feel free to reach out and let me know what those would be. You can reach me through Instagram @nvmauimedia as well as my email address

If you are interested in checking out some of David’s work as well as the gear that he uses, here are some links for ya!

David’s links

Fuego Magic with Luke Simon FMP.010

February 18, 2019 / Editorial

For this amazing episode, I sat down with Luke Simon, an incredible Australian photographer. Luke was here in Maui, Hawaii to photograph a wedding and was kind enough to sit down with me and chat about his long journey with the wedding industry. This dude RIPS with a camera. He also has a mega dreamy Australian accent! haha

He has lots of golden knowledge to share about destination wedding photography as well as how to grow into your own skin as an artist.

Guest Links

Luke’s Website

Luke’s Instagram

International Wedding Photographer of the year awards

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Photo mechanic



Fuego Magic with Kristy Taylor FMP.009

February 3, 2019 / Editorial

In this episode of Fuego Magic, I sat down with Kristy Taylor, an all-around BOSS woman. She is living her childhood dreams and produces amazing work. She told us about her journey with photography, how it began as a childhood passion.

We talked about learning how to direct subjects from with a video background, capturing real moments that last a lifetime, going with your gut and shoot what you love, how her commercial shooting took off, traveling for work, and being happy with the right now.

We spoke about the importance of connecting with clients, when meeting wedding clients, asking questions

Kristy’s amazing personal / commercial insta


Kristy’s Wedding Insta

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